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We will exhibit at Ambiente2020

Pure utensils born from minerals, SUMU

ZIKICO's zirconia cutlery series, SUMU, is approx. 50% lighter than conventional metal counterparts.  Zirconia as a material does not release metal ions in the mouth, so it does not interfere with a sense of taste.  The smooth and matte finish gives you a pure dining experience and brings a peaceful scene on the table.

  • Hall 4.0/E65 JAPAN PAVILION

Designed by OJI Masanori, the SUMU series has won iF Design Award 2019 and A'Design Gold Award 2019.


Won A 'Design Awards2019 Gold Award.

ZIKICO “SUMU Cutlery Series” has won the Gold Award of the “A” Design Awards2019, the world's largest international design competition, held every year in Italy, following the iF design award2019.


Won iF Design Award 2019.

"SUMU Cutlery", which has been developed with handicraft designer Oji & Design Masanori Oji, has won iF design award. iF design award is one of the world's most prestigious design awards based in Hanover, Germany.